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Hemyock Castle
Ancient Heart of the Blackdowns

History, Archaeology, Glossaries and More:

Hemyock Castle is possibly on a Roman site, a Romano British farm, or a Roman stronghold. There has not yet been a proper excavation. It is a scheduled ancient monument. Perhaps future archaeologists will uncover the answer. This section of the web site contains historical topics and resources:

History and Archaeology:

These pages cover the history and archaeology of Hemyock Castle:

Historical Nuggets and Coincidences:

Some surprising and fun topics:

Notable Owners, Dinhams, Asthorpes:

Former owners and notable people associated with Hemyock Castle, including the mysterious Sir William Asthorpe:

Construction, Siege, Destruction:

The construction, siege and demolition of Hemyock Castle:

Glossaries and More:

Extensive glossaries of ancient terms, weights and measures, money, slang and more:

Domesday Book, Magna Carta and More:

Translations and information on some key historical documents:

Historic England Geophysical Survey 14/1999:

In 1999, English Heritage conducted a brief geophysical survey of part of Hemyock Castle. By using ground penetrating RADAR and ground resistivity equipment they formed a picture of some buried structures without the disturbance of excavation. (External link):

Uk and Ireland Genealogy: Devon Pages:

External link to a popular genealogical web site:

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Hemyock Castle, Hemyock, CULLOMPTON, Devon, EX15 3RJ, UK.
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