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Hemyock Castle
Ancient Heart of the Blackdowns

Hemyock Residents Who Remembered WWII

Eighty-two Hemyock residents contributed their eyewitness accounts of life during World War Two. This page lists the contributors to the book Memories of War. Other pages in this series:

Introduction; Wartime Life; Homeguard; Farming; POWs; Aircraft; Evacuees; Memories; War Carpenter

Contents of this page:


In 1995, as part of the Hemyock Commemorations of the fiftieth anniversary of the Allied Victories in Europe and Japan (VE Day and VJ Day), Margaret Sheppard and Norman Lowman collected eyewitness accounts from more than eighty resident of Hemyock, of life during the Second World War. Although obviously not a complete record, these memories do show how ordinary people were able to rise to the occasion and "do their bit" both in the armed forces and on the "home front."


Those residents involved included:

Betty Arnold; Roy Barton; Edward Berriman; Marjorie Bright; Reginald (Toby) Bright.

Ray Carrington; Ray Casely; Bill Casely; Mr. Childs; Jack Collard; Cliff Colley; Tim Courtenay; C. Cox

John Dimmock; Pamela Dowson; Peter Dowson.

John Eden; Polly Eden; Alex Eltringham; Joyce Eltringham; J.A. Elmes.

David Fensom; Lilian Fensom; Arthur Fuller; Dora Fuller.

Margaret Granger; Eric Granger; Mr. R. D. Goddard; Mrs. E. M. Goddard; Frank Gunn; Cissie Gunn.

Robbie Hine; Edwin Gordon Hook; Mrs. Hook; Tony Houghton; Charles (Tony) Howsam; Dorothy Howsam; Tom Humphreys.

Mr. E.D.H. Lant; Mrs. Kit Lant; F.W. Lapworth; Alice Leighton; Norman Leighton; Mr and Mrs Edgar Lowman; Norman Lowman; Mrs Elizabeth Lowman; Cecil (Skip) Lowman; Peter and Amy Lowman.

Hugh Maclean; Les Marke; C.M. Mould; Len Neeve; Bill Nobbs.

Fred Payne; Maurice Perrott; Evelyn Pike; Harry Pooley; Gerald Pring.

Thomas Charles Ramsey; Mary Ridgeway; Eric Ridgeway; Mr. and Mrs. Ken Rogers.

Fred Salter; Authur Salter; Percy Salter; Len Salter; Mr. P. Salter; Mrs. Hilda Salter; Phyllis Sheppard; William (Bill) Sheppard; R.J. Small; D.J. Spalding.

Cyril Tancock; Ruth Tartaglia; Eddie Tartaglia.

Joy Vaughan; Mr. Vaughan; Edward Wassink; Tom Whitehead.

Due to the passage of time, many of the contributors have since died.

Other pages in this series:

Introduction; Wartime Life; Homeguard; Farming; POWs; Aircraft; Evacuees; Memories; War Carpenter

Hemyock's Memories of War – the Book

The memories were published originally in 1995 as a 65 page, A4 booklet, illustrated with many photographs. All profits went to the Royal British Legion.

The text has been extensively re-edited and republished in Amazon Kindle format, in aid of Hemyock's Blackdown Support Group charity, it is equivalent to about 115 A5 pages. The photographs have been made into online slideshows.

The complete WWII "Box Set," Hemyock Memories Volume 5, contains all the WWII volumes 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 covering life during World War II 1939-45. These Memories of WWII Kindle books contain eyewitness accounts by residents of Hemyock, of their life during WWII, both serving overseas and on the "Home Front."

Links to video slideshows

For convenience, the photos have been arranged in four groups, forming four slide shows, each lasting about four minutes. The slide shows have been uploaded as 1080p HD. This means that they can be viewed using most types of computer or mobile devices and at any of the resolutions supported by YouTube. Contact us for a DVD version of these slideshows, or versions in other formats.

Links to the Amazon Kindle pages:

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