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Hemyock Castle

Kindle Books and More:

Our growing collections of Kindle books, videos and other products come from our researches & the many special exhibitions at Hemyock Castle.

In 1995, Margaret Sheppard conducted a large number of interviews with residents of Hemyock, about their memories of life. Kindle books resulting from these interviews are published in the "Hemyock Memories" series.

Volume 5 is the complete WWII "Box Set" which contains all WWII volumes; 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 which cover life during World War II 1939-45. These Memories of WWII Kindle books contain over 75 eyewitness accounts by residents of Hemyock, of their life during WWII, both serving overseas and on the "Home Front." HD Slideshows of the many photos are on YouTube and also available on DVD.

Subsequent volumes in the Hemyock Memories series contains fascinating tales of long-forgotten rural life in Hemyock and the Blackdowns.

Volume 6 "Country Cures and Cider" includes traditional country cures for horses & humans; and commercial cider-making at Hemyock Castle Farm.

All proceeds from these two series of Kindle books go to Hemyock's Blackdown Support Group charity.

History, Archaeology, Glossaries and More:

Hemyock Castle is possibly on a Roman site, a Romano British farm, or a Roman stronghold. There has not yet been a proper excavation. It is a scheduled ancient monument. Perhaps future archaeologists will uncover the answer. This section of the web site contains historical topics and resources:

History and Archaeology:

These pages cover the history and archaeology of Hemyock Castle:

Historical Nuggets and Coincidences:

Some surprising and fun topics:

Notable Owners, Dinhams, Asthorpes:

Former owners and notable people associated with Hemyock Castle, including the mysterious Sir William Asthorpe:

Construction, Siege, Destruction:

The construction, siege and demolition of Hemyock Castle:

Glossaries and More:

Extensive glossaries of ancient terms, weights and measures, money, slang and more:

Domesday Book, Magna Carta and More:

Translations and information on some key historical documents:

Historic England Geophysical Survey 14/1999:

In 1999, English Heritage conducted a brief geophysical survey of part of Hemyock Castle. By using ground penetrating RADAR and ground resistivity equipment they formed a picture of some buried structures without the disturbance of excavation. (External link):

Uk and Ireland Genealogy: Devon Pages:

External link to a popular genealogical web site:

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Hemyock Castle, Hemyock, CULLOMPTON, Devon, EX15 3RJ, UK.
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