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Hemyock Castle
Ancient Heart of the Blackdowns

Glimpse of the Interpretation Centre

Displays and life-sized tableaux in the Interpretation Centre depict life through the ages. Examples are shown below.

Fortifying Hemyock Castle

Fortifying Hemyock Castle would have been very expensive - perhaps Lady Margaret had to sell some of her jewels?

Photo: Glimpse of a Medieval display

The Civil War

Hemyock Castle was garrisoned for Parliament, and used to imprison Royalists including The Reverend James Burnard.

Photo: Civil War Soldiers

However, Puritan life carried on.

Photo: Glimpse of a Civil War display

Castle Farm

After the Civil War, Hemyock Castle became a farm. Farmers included the Tuck family, during the 1850s.

Photo: Farmer Tuck

The Rectory

Nearby, life at the Rectory was refined; waited on by a daughter of the Hemyock Castle farmer.

Photo: Rectory Life

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Hemyock Castle, Hemyock, CULLOMPTON, Devon, EX15 3RJ, UK.
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